V Core 3 (V Core 2 Update)


An old tank system now but still a smooth vape…

The V Core 2 update is the newest vivi tank system also known as the V Core 3. The V Core 3 takes on a whole new approach to the tank system making it a truly unique product.

The bottom tank holds 3.5ml of e liquid and it comes with a chrome drip tip and ships with a 2.4ohm atomizer. It fits all 510 batteries.

The top half is solid metal and has the feel of quality!

The nice part of this tank is a 4 wick coil.  This will result in less dry hits and continuous feeding.  The coils as with other tanks like the Nova are replaceable and available in different ohms ratings.

It is available in Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Black and Clear



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Please note : Over tightening of the replacement heads in to the cartomizer body/central column may cause a short. Please do not use excess force when screwing in any cartomizers/atomizers into your 510 battery.

You only get one tank! I have just showed all the colours in the photo.

1. 3.5ml Fill capacity

2. 510 chrome drip tip Included

3. Removable heads total of one included in the Kit (2.4ohm)

A Review of the old version is below, the way the tank works is still the same though..


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Green, Purple, Yellow, Red