E Juices old

Camel flavoured e juice The Camel cigarette flavour needs no introduction! Available in 11mg & 18mg30ml Bottle – £7.95 RY4 flavoured e juice RY4 is one of the most popular cigarette flavours, some people declare a hint of Vanilla and Caramel but it is just for ambience. Available in 11mg & 18mg30ml Bottle – £7.95
Nport flavoured e juice Nport brings the classic menthol cigarette flavour to life. Available in 11mg & 18mg30ml Bottle – £7.95 Tobacco flavoured e juice Tobacco flavour is probably one of the strongest cigarette flavours we have. Available in 11mg30ml Bottle – £7.95
DK Tab flavoured e juice DK Tab is a favourite amongst the patrons of Justvape, a very smooth cigarette flavour. Available in 11mg & 18mg30ml Bottle – £7.95 Marlboro e juice Again, the name speaks for itself, this is a strong cigarette flavour too. Available in 11mg & 18mg30ml Bottle – £7.95
watermelon e juice MMM… Watermelon – mouth-wateringly smooth flavour.  Available in 11mg10ml Bottle – £2.95 litchi flavour e juice Litchi fruit flavour for the adventurous. Available in 11mg10ml Bottle – £2.95
apple e juice Apple flavour – popular amongst shisha heads. Available in 11mg10ml Bottle – £2.95 strawberry flavour e juice A great British strawberry flavour that’s always in season. Available in 11mg10ml Bottle – £2.95
peach flavour e juice Delicious Peach as we know it. Available in 11mg10ml Bottle – £2.95