Evod mini eGo starter kit


The Mini EVOD USB Starter Kit is our newest and most stealthiest kit. This kit really looks awesome and comes with everything you need to get going on your vaping journey.

Featuring a 2.0ml size Kanger EVOD Bottom Coil Clearomizer that is simple to fill and easy to use, 350mAh eGo battery with 5 click on off feature, USB battery charger and a nice sleek coloured mini case for storage.

This is a great gift to give someone just starting out or just someone who would like to be discrete while maintaining a good half to whole day vape before having to charge the battery. All you need to add would be your own choice of E-Liquid and your ready to go!

Kit Comprises

1x 350mAh eGo Mini Battery

1x Kanger EVOD Bottom Coil Clearomizer 1.8ohm

1x USB Battery Charger

1x Storage Case

The eGo battery features a 510 connection thread so can be used with 510/306 atomizers


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Upon receiving your kit it is best to fully charge your batteries (all batteries, be they MOD batteries or eGo ones, arrive with a small amount of charge but this is not a full one). Charge until the indicator on the charger turns from red to green. Unscrew the bottom section of the tank and fill the tank from the side on a angle, (do not fill from the center) till it reaches the mid portion of the coil. Screw back on the bottom cap after filling, connect onto the battery by screwing it in and you should be ready to vape!

To Vape, press and hold the power button as you inhale on the device 2-4 seconds then after inhaling let go of the button. If you get a dry burn taste it means you held the button either too long or the liquid is almost ready for a refill. To use the 5 button click on/off function of the eGo battery, click the activation/power button 5 times in quick/rapid succession to turn off. When the button is deactivated, it will not fire if pressed accidentally. To reactivate, do the same thing again, click the power/activation button 5 times in quick/rapid succession and the device will be active again. There will be a short pulsing/flashing of the button when activated/deactivated to indicate that you have been successful.

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