Apollo Watermelon


One of the most refreshing e-liquid flavours around..

This e-liquid comes in a 10ml child-proof bottle that can easily be stored in your pocket or anywhere else.

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Mmmm, you want flavour and quality then you have to go to the USA. JustVape bring you this fine selection of premium grade liquids. Taste the difference as a supermarket might say. Made to a very high standard in labs in California.

All Apollo E-Liquids contain:

*USP Grade Propylene Glycol, USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin.
*99% Pure, Laboratory Grade Nicotine.
*All Flavors are 100% Food Grade and Kosher. We do not add Artificial Color, Alcohol or Water.
*All of our E-Liquid formulas are developed and tested in the USA.
*All of our E-Liquids are 100% mixed, packaged, warehoused in the USA

50PG / 50VG

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Nicotine Strength

12mg, 18mg